Funk It Up Clothing: Style at sensible prices

A friend of Carl’s referred Alison Haw, the owner of Funk It Up Clothing to Brands Inside Out. Funk It Up Clothing was a new startup company based in Leeds and is a pop-up shop or party that allows customers to enjoy retail therapy in the comfort of their own home or workplace.

Alison had a feel for what she wanted her brand to look like, but we really took the time to listen to her thoughts and understand Alison to create the perfect “brand”.

We had a tight budget to work with to design and develop the key marketing materials.

We worked closely and collaboratively with Alison to develop the foundation of the brand by doing a variety of hand-drawn logos initially before producing the artwork. At the same time it was really important we captured the correct tone of voice to reflect Alison’s personality in an honest, but fun way.

Once the logo was agreed it naturally flowed into a website, van signage, print, social media and outdoor advertising.


The company launched in 2017 and since has been fully booked 3-4 months in advance for parties and commercial events. The plans for the brand in 2018 are to develop Funk It Up Clothing into an online retailer with an E-commerce website and increased social media promotion.

We have also received regular feedback from Alison complimenting our work.

“Carl’s passion for what he does really comes across. He gives constructive advice, is easy to work with and always goes the extra mile to make sure that each piece of work is carried out to the highest standard.”