GSK: driving change in a global corporation

How do you get thousands of employees to change the way they work? The Accelerating Delivery & Performance (ADP) team at GlaxoSmithKline was doing great things at the company, but needed to communicate more effectively with the rest of the business. A few pages on the intranet simply weren’t doing the job.

Bringing policies to life

You never get a true idea of how things work from a corporate policy document. So we spent time with the ADP team to see how they operated. The answer? Simple, low-tech, smart – and highly focused.

So we designed a site to reflect that. We worked alongside the GSK IT team to produce the information architecture, functionality and page designs for their intranet.

Then we made twelve animated films, one for each of the ADP fundamentals. We designed these to bring each element to life in a fun and intriguing way, illustrating their methodology and encouraging new audiences to find out more.

GSK 2 examples brands inside out

Increased uptake around the world

Since we completed the project, ADP has gone from strength to strength. People around the world have adopted the fundamentals, working at the heart of GSK’s global strategy.