KTZ Dance: Something to really sing and dance about!

KTZ Dance is a multi-award winning, local, professional dance school based in Rishton and where both Carl Wagstaff’s daughters are taught. In July of 2017, it was to be their 10th Year Anniversary and a celebratory show was being organised by the founder and owner Katie Readman.

We were asked to create some professional, but cost-effective marketing to promote both the show and also to raise awareness of the dance school in the local area to attract new customers.

KTZ Dance has an established logo and palette of colours, but it had mainly been used online, so we set about producing a look and feel that complemented their existing work and could be easily translated to future marketing materials. This included leaflets, brochures, DVD covers and Facebook and Instagram graphics.

They also have a strong social media presence with active followers on Facebook and Instagram, so the awareness campaign was planned to work on the back of the show using graphics and an animated video.


The 10th Anniversary Show was an emotional landmark event and was as much a show as a celebration of the growth of the school’s success story. It was an instant success and both students and parents thoroughly enjoyed it everyone who took part received fantastic feedback on both social media and in the local press. Needles to say Carl was also very proud of his girls dancing in the evening too!

In addition to this, the awareness campaign filled all available student spaces after just two days!