Leaseplan: matching the business strategy to the employees

You’ve written the business strategy – but how do you make sure your employees are aware of it, and working to the same goals? That’s how we helped Leaseplan, the largest vehicle leasing business in the world.

Formula for success

We spent time with the company, fully absorbing their strategic themes and ways of working. Then we produced the creative concept: Formula for Success. Clear and unambiguous, it brought all the elements of the strategy together – showing how the company planned to achieve its vision.

Then we put it into practice. We created a bold, striking handbook – and all 700 UK employees got one. Then we made posters, pull-ups, screensavers, wall murals and other collateral materials to raise the communications up a notch.

It wasn’t just about artwork and layouts though. We designed an eight-month programme to help over 100 managers run workshops for their teams on each strategic theme.

And to really hit the message home we designed an online game, based on a sliding tile puzzle theme to keep the campaign alive. We also designed the game to gather important data on awareness and understanding.

97% understanding, 87% relevance

Engagement scores for the project were pretty high: 95% of employees understood the goals of the business, and 87% could see exactly how their work contributed to achieving them.