StoryHouse: Where one success story leads to another

As a direct result of her personal experience Yvette Puliga was inspired to help others to find their voice. She wanted to create a creative community where people are welcome to begin their transformation, to be inspired, to be motivated and educated. And, most importantly, start a new chapter. That desire has become StoryHouse.

Yvette had worked with us many times before, so we were her first call when she wanted to create a new brand and marketing for her latest company StoryHouse.


StoryHouse was a start up business and we’re experienced working with brands of all shapes and sizes, so we worked closely with Yvette to prioritise collateral to give maximum ROI from her budget.

We started with the logo, strapline and then expanded this into her website, social media, print materials and the event itself.


The first StoryHouse event on September 22nd 2016, was fully booked well in advance and received lots of positive feedback on the night. There are now StoryHouse events planned once every month for the rest of 2016 and well beyond 2017.