Superdrug: creating a recruitment approach that reflects the company’s new brand values

Superdrug wanted to move away from comparisons with Boots, and become a fashion and beauty retailer instead. The stores and brand identity were updated to reflect the new brand values – bold, obsessive and fast.

We had the job of matching the employer brand to the corporate and consumer brands. HR wanted to recruit a different audience – more Topshop than local pharmacy.

Out of clothes, into fashion

We looked at the competitors, spoke to employees and potential candidates to judge Superdrug’s existing employer value. We then did the creative work to align it to the new brand identity: out of several creative concepts, Superdrug went with ‘Get out of clothes and into fashion.’

We took the whole HR team on a professional photoshoot, and used the shots for ads everywhere, from press, DM, and vehicle livery to online and outdoor.


“This campaign couldn’t have captured the DNA of Superdrug more perfectly”

The targeted marketing worked. The HR team filled all the instore vacancies in three months, and 84% of applicants were from a fashion retail background. And because 78% of people applied through the website, the cost per hire was significantly lower than average. It didn’t escape the notice of the CEO, Euan Sutherland. “This campaign,” he said, “couldn’t have captured the DNA of Superdrug more perfectly.”