The Chocolate Works: Delicious, Fresh, Fun


The Chocolate Works opened in November 2017 and is a new boutique chocolate and coffee shop based in Clitheroe. Guy Middleton, the founder and owner had worked with us many times before and knows Carl Wagstaff as a friend and colleague, so we were his first call when he wanted to create a new brand and marketing.

The Chocolate Works was a start-up business and we’re experienced in building niche brands, so we worked closely with Guy to create something that was personal and close to his heart to develop the unique brand experience he wished to provide to his customers.


Since opening its doors The Chocolate Works has established a strong reputation for delicious refreshments, quality service, friendly staff and a unique fun environment to relax. Customers continue to increase daily and they enjoy regular visitors throughout the week, who come from as far afield now as Bolton, through customer referrals and social media.