The Crescent: Adding the sparkle into lives


Cathy Burns (who was Carl’s Agency Director at Brilliant Media) and Phil Storey, both Directors of Your Story in Leeds, invited Brands Inside Out to partner up on a branding project with one of their clients, Paula Chamberlain, who had recently undergone a management buy out from Essential Group.

The Crescent, which at that point was still operating for another month as Essential Care, was a new company inspired by Paula’s vision to add the sparkle into people’s lives and provide Carefully Crafted Care based on her 20 years experience working in the care industry.

Brands Inside Out and Your Story’s approach to briefs are aligned in that they both love to get under the skin of the client to understand the company and brand objectives short and longterm before making any recommendations. This included several face-to-face meetings with Paula at the new building (which was undergoing a complete refurbishment) and chats with other members of the team and their clients.

The deadline was short with an Open Weekend planned in 4 weeks on December 7th 2017, with a sizeable invitation list to boot! Time was of the essence with this project and working in collaboration we all agreed upon a name, logo style and brand direction very quickly. Great minds think alike and all that!

Working in partnership with Your Story we developed the brand identity, translated it into print materials and presentation graphics for the open event, while Your Story made smart work managing the project, designing and developing the website, SEO and managing the development of their social media.


Everybody who had been part of the branding project attended the opening night, which was a very enjoyable evening and proved to be the success we all knew it would. You can check us all out in the video!

The brand is in its early days, but there are huge plans for its rapid development throughout the early parts of 2018!