A Shirt Tale… a story about branding

How your business or brand touches people and how it makes them feel is the key to gaining and building recognition. So it’s even more important than you think to manage that process, ensuring

consistency across all communications and at every touch point…

I love shirts. They’re my thing. From the first I ever bought, with my first ever wage packet, to today, people often comment on them. They’ll see someone in a rather tasteful number (!) and say, ‘that’s a Carl shirt’, or they’ll send me links to some wonderfully sharp shirt and insist that this shirt has me written all over it and that I must buy it!

So shirts have become my calling card. I think my colleagues and friends find them reassuring – so much so that to not see me in a flamboyant design (!) can be rather disconcerting.

In fact, I went to a funeral recently of a dear friend and felt compelled to wear something a little more sombre. So I bought a plain white shirt to wear with a suit.

The occasion was emotional and incredibly sad, but something quite notable happened: almost everyone commented on my shirt. They were quite taken aback that I’d gone for plain old white: appropriate attire for a funeral but not for me.

The reaction made me think: people were more amazed that I’d tailored my image for the seriousness of the occasion, which seemed to me to be the respectful thing to do. Though, in effect, my wearing of a plain shirt caused more of a stir than wearing one of my regular more colourful numbers would have.

The same applies to branding on any level: personal or business. When you look different, people notice. When you look different from how people expect you to look, people also notice.

So, you’ve got to create stand out. And then you’ve got to stand by it.

If people feel they can relate to you – have a strong relationship with your brand, for example – they’ll give you that feedback in a good way.

So establishing your brand, from the inside out, thinking about the impression you want to give, how you want to sound and how you want to look, is so important in many ways.

The next most important thing? Staying true to it, whatever the situation or occasion.

So you’ve got to be comfortable in it, confident about making it meaningful and inspirational in enthusing everyone in your business – including your customers – to love your brand as much as you do.

And that starts with a thorough Inside Out brand assessment. Whether you’re just starting out in business or want to see where you can take your brand next, give us a shout – I’ll make sure to wear a nice shirt.

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